Off The Grid Kitchen Essentials

Off the grid kitchen
Off the grid kitchen

Essentials of the off the grid kitchen are not numerous. In fact the simpler you keep it, the easier it is to live with. Just because you are living without out grid power does not mean you can’t have any conveniences. Besides the more time you save by your tasks being easier and quicker, the more you will stick with it. These are items I use on my homestead almost daily. For the most part, they are not expensive or hard to find. I have a number of pieces of cast iron cookware, but the ones on this list are the ones I use more often.

the power grid
The Power Grid

By the way, when I refer to “off the grid” I am referring to living without the power utility grid. Some people seem to think it means no links to or life outside your home. No, that is not what I am talking about. I do not wish to live like that and don’t. The grid is the electric company that runs the big power lines that create a grid through out their area. Like in the picture above. That is what I mean when I say the grid. No power lines, no grid! Easy as that.

Now my list of off the grid kitchen essentials begins:

Cast Iron Cookware
My Cast Iron Cookware

1. Cast Iron Large Skillet

I have a number of pieces of cast iron cookware, but these are the ones I use more often. A large skillet is good for frying up some meat and adding vegetables or pasta to it on top of the stove. It can also be used in the oven for casseroles or for making biscuits. My skillet has a little handle on the edge so I can use two hands to move it or to pour something out of it. It is made by Lodge and even though I have a few Griswold skillets, this is my preferred one. It can be used on top or or in an outside fire pit or on your grill.

2. Cast Iron 7” Frying Pan

I actually have 3 of these and use at least one every day when I make our breakfast. Keeping them seasoned makes it easy to fry eggs in one pan and have home fries cooking in the other one. All three of these were thrift store finds. They can be used in the oven or on the outside fire pit or grill also.

3. Cast Iron Griddle

I would be lost without this! I use it for frying any kind of meat on the stove, but it can be put in the oven just as easily. It can also be used for making grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes or French toast. I use it so much that I keep it in the oven instead of in a cupboard. Just make sure you keep it well seasoned.

4. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The Dutch oven can be used for so many things. I can bake with it on top of our wood heating stove or on a campfire outside. For years I have called it my crock pot or slow cooker, it works the same. Simmering a roast, stew, soup, chili or whatever type of casserole on your stove in it will have your whole family waiting anxiously for mealtime. If you are using it on a campfire, just invert the lid and put hot coals on top to brown whatever you baking inside. Works great!


Pyramid Toaster
Pyramid Toaster

5. Pyramid Toaster

The camping toaster is pretty well known, but the one I use is called the “pyramid” toaster. The other type that is sort of rounded did not work so well for us here. The pyramid one is the one we have used for 18 years now. It will work great on a gas stove as well as over a wood stove burner or outside fire pit. You just have to keep your eye on it or your toast will be cinders before you know it. This is the second I one I have had to buy because it wears out if you use it a lot and I did.

6. Water Storage Tank

A water storage tank is needed in your kitchen if you do not have running water. My grandmother kept a milk can of water in her kitchen. It really is an off grid kitchen essential in that water is constantly needed as you cook. I bought a water storage tank and it can have a permanent table or counter in your kitchen that is close to your sink (if you have one, I do). I also have water in pails next to the stove and the sink. I really use a lot of water on a daily basis and I am very conservative with it. You learn to be if you have to go outside to pump it or get it some other way and carry it in.

7. Ice Chest Or Refrigeration

Refrigeration of some kind is needed even if most of your foods do not need to be refrigerated. Storing leftovers or an ingredient you needed that had be kept cold. An ice chest will work and that is what I used for over six years. We had a styrofoam ice chest that we kept in our vehicle and every time we went to town we bought ice to put in the ice chest that we kept in the pantry. That ice chest was a regular Coleman type. Everything got wet and the labels came off jars of condiments and made the water in the chest get slippery and I hated it. But I did it till I could afford solar refrigeration.

Coffee Percolator
Coffee Percolator

8. Coffee Percolator

Coffee making is essential here! We love our coffee! Even now that we have more solar power than we did before, we still use a percolator that does not use electric. We can make coffee on our outside fire pit or on our wood heating stove. In cases of power outages people haul their percolators out and try to figure out how to make coffee in it. If you have a gas stove, gas grill, outside fire or wood heating stove you could still make your coffee. It makes better coffee than any coffee machine you can buy anywhere. So why change?

9. Stock Pots

Stock pots are always on my wood stove full of water. It seems like I always need some hot water for something and instead of having to wait for it, I usually have some ready. In summer, I heat one pot of it on the propane stove and just let it sit there. If I notice that it has cooled off too much, I will reheat it. In winter we have at least two on the big wood heating stove in the living room. That is how we heat water for laundry or showers or baths too.

10. Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers (not pressure canners, there is a difference) are great for cooking a meal that would take a long time in just a few minutes. Mine is used when I am in a hurry to get a meal on the table. I can never believe how tender everything turns out in such a short time.

This is my list of off the grid kitchen essentials based on my personal choices. Your list could be completely different from mine. I am no expert and don’t claim to be one either.



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