Hey RV enthusiasts, guess what? Our world is getting greener, and solar energy is all the rage these days. But did you ever think about how parking lots can join the party? Say hello to solar carports!

Imagine a cozy, shaded parking spot for your RV, topped with solar panels that generate clean energy. It’s the best of both worlds – keeping your vehicle cool while also helping the environment and saving some cash.

Check out the Wilderness Lakes campground in Menifee, California. They just finished a massive 1.5 MW solar project with the help of DSD Renewables and Black Bear Energy. They’ve got 3,500 solar panels mounted on canopies, generating a whopping 2.4 million kWh of energy per year! That covers about half of the campground’s energy needs. Pretty cool, right?

The good news is in – Parisi has also announced Dane County’s first-ever solar-powered park! And that’s not all, they’re also introducing a solar-powered campground for all you adventurous souls out there. This is a major win for sustainable energy enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With this exciting development, you can now enjoy the great outdoors and take in all the stunning scenery while knowing you’re doing your part in preserving the environment. So pack up your tents, grab your hiking boots, and let’s get ready to explore all that this eco-friendly park and campground have to offer!

Solar carports aren’t just for campgrounds. Any parking lot with enough room can join the solar revolution, whether it’s at a mall, a school, or your office. Think about it – the US has about 2 billion parking spots. If we put solar panels on just a quarter of them, we’d have a mind-blowing 1.44 TW of power!

Of course, there are a few bumps in the road. Installing solar carports can be pricey, but don’t worry, there are tax incentives and financing options to help lighten the load. Plus, solar technology keeps getting better, with more efficient and budget-friendly panels coming out every year.

Keeping those solar panels in tip-top shape is also important. Sure, carports shield them from some of the elements, but they’re still exposed to weather, potential vandalism, and other hazards. Regular check-ups and fixes will keep those panels running at full capacity.

Challenges aside, solar carports are a game-changer. They generate clean energy, cut down on fossil fuel use, and give our cars some much-needed shade (which means less AC and longer-lasting vehicles). With all these perks, we can expect to see more solar carports popping up in the years ahead.

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Hidden Advantages of Solar Carports

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Hidden Advantages of Solar Carports

Beating the Challenges of an Aussie Summer

Video: Imagine an Aussie summer without sizzling seatbelts! The solar car park on the Kingswood campus is a game-changer with three standout features:

  1. It generates 100 kW of electricity, helping power the engineering building.
  2. It shields cars from hail, debris, and tree limbs.
  3. My favorite – it keeps cars and asphalt cool, making seatbelts touch-safe even on scorching Penrith days.

A fantastic solution that saves you from seatbelt burns and helps the environment!

Solar Carpark

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