Solar Powered Christmas Lights: Tubes

Best Solar Powered Christmas Lights (Save Some Money This Christmas!)

Solar-powered Christmas lights are one way (maybe the only way?) to keep some of your cash in your wallet this Christmas. Solar power does have its advantages! Plus, you are doing good for the environment.

You may be surprised to learn that there is now a good variety of solar-powered lights available, and they are good quality.

(There are also some not-so-great ones, but we’ll avoid those here.)

It's Christmas! Solar Powered Christmas Lights

What you’ll find on this page is:

  • Different styles of solar-powered Christmas lights
  • Only quality lights that get very good—excellent reviews
  • FAQ (answers from those with experience with these particular lights)

Top Recommendations for Solar-Powered Christmas Lights

Solar Tree Solar Powered Christmas Lights PhotOra LED Solar Powered String Lights with Automatic Sensor

  • 112 feet
  • 200 LED
  • Dusk/Dawn sensor (turns lights on a dusk and off at dawn)
  • steady or flash modes
  • large solar panel – enough power for 8+ hours
  • waterproof (IP65) and weather resistant
  • can leave outside all year round
  • will last over 30,000 hours
  • maintenance-free, mercury free, green-certified


Q: Can these lights be turned off?
A: Yes, there’s a switch where you can turn them off and also change the mode.

Q: Will this work on a 10ft. tree? (Trying to figure out how many to buy.)
A: They’ve nearly covered my 2 ft. tree. Just depends on how much coverage you’d like.


Easy to use and love the solar power! Looks bright and pretty in the yard. Would recommend!” – JH

Solar Powered Christmas Lights

I bought these since they are solar powered with no outside outlets available in most areas around my house solar powered lights are the best way for me to decorate the outside. These are nice and long so it will be able to cover a larger area and all I have to do is stake the solar panel into the ground and it is good to go. These are perfect for decorating an area that just looks drab and needs some life brought into it. These look so nice also and I like the smaller lights to give a great big look.” – R Wilson

These lights get 5-star ratings consistently.

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Solar String Lights by Lampat (2 pack, Warm White, 600 LED, Outdoor)

This is another great set. The highlight with this one is that they’ve arranged the bulbs to suit large outdoor spacesrailings, trees, balconies, etc.

Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Solar Lights

  • 600 LED
  • extra-long bulb arrangement so you can cover larger outdoor spaces
  • will charge in 6-8 hours (when provided 8-10 hours of sunlight)
  • suitable for winter sunlight
  • no tools are needed for the mounting pole
  • the solar panel needs to be shield from water but waterproof (IP65)
  • 100%-satisfaction guarantee
  • 1200-inch (30m) cable, 80 inches (2m) from panel to first bulb
  • lights come on automatically when it starts getting dark
  • steady and twinkling options
  • 10,000 hour lifespan

A house with solar powered Christmas lightsFAQ ( Lampat Solar String)

Q: Do these lights come on automatically?

A: Yes, as soon as ambient light starts to dim the solar lights will turn on.

Q: Where have you placed your solar panel so it’s out of rain / water?

A: I’ve put mine close to the house facing south-west. It has held up just fine there.


“Unbeatable product for the price. These lights are fantastic. Unlike other outdoor solar products that I have purchased for my yard, these come ready to go. There was already a small charge in the battery, so I could see the operation of the product right out of the box.”

“I was very skeptical on what type of product I would get for this price. The light strings were weighty, the connections were well sealed, the solar/battery unit sturdy, and they look great at night, are just the right amount of illumination to leave up year round without giving off too much light to be overstated.” – A Moose

“The warm white lights look great and stay lit for several hours. I’ve been using these over a month now. The hardest part will be to find a place for the little solar panel, but it is small and has a snap in the mounting bracket. Another plus is that you don’t need to use a timer to turn them on/off – when it gets dark these light will automatically go on/off. So if you want to add a bit of ambiance to your yard this is the strand for you.” – Christina T

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Colored Solar Power Christmas LightsMulti Color Solar Powered Christmas Lights by Litom (72ft, 200 LED, 8 modes)

  • multi color string of Christmas lights
  • 8 different modes plus 2 switches
    waterproof (IP44)
  • 200 LED
  • 72.18 Ft string of lights
  • wires are quite thin so the lights stand out but the wire, not so much
  • great for wrapping trees
  • quite bright in the dark
  • will run for 8 hours (from all day sun)

FAQ (Color Solar Powered Lights by Litom)

Q: How long is the lighted section? Does the 72 inches include the 6 inches from the solar panel to the first light?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Is the battery replaceable?

A: Yes, it’s a AA battery (1200, 1.2V). The battery unit can be opened for replacements.

Q: What is the distance between each light?

A: It is 5 inches from bulb to bulb.

Q: Do they have to be “on” in order to charge?

A: No, they don’t. Mine have even surprised me by charging on cloudy days.

TestimonialsColored Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Beautiful colors and fun blinking rhythms. I love these lights, the colors are great and they stay on all night long.” – A Kinder

Put them up in the afternoon and they came on the first night and lasted all night long. I have had them up for over a month now and it’s rained hard several times but no problems at all. Great quality a lot of lights for the money. Wouldn’t hesitate to order again.” – Diane Crawford

We have the lights strung all across our patio. They don’t really light it up but they are great for ambience which is just what I wanted. I am sure all over bushes doubled up it would make it brighter. They were charged right out of the box and have come on at dark every single night and held up in a lot of wind and heavy rain! I plan on buying more soon!” – Kris Johnson

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Globe Solar String Lights by easyDecor (30 LED, 21ft., 8 Modes)

Solar Powered Christmas Lights - globes (picture)

This is a more unique set of solar powered Christmas lights. It’s a globe shape and colorful. Reviews are also excellent for this set with people really loving to the look of these lights.

  • globes / balls on a string
  • waterproof (IP65)
  • can be used indoors or outdoors
  • automatic – turns on at dusk and off at dawn
  • on / off switch plus mode button
  • 8 modes
  • multi-color
  • 6 hour charging time
  • can be wall mounted

FAQ (Solar Globes)

Q: What is the length from solar panel to first stake?

A: 5 feet / 1.5m.

Solar Powered Christmas Lights: Globes (picture)

Q: What is the length between bulbs?

A: 0.5 ft (0.15m)

Q: Are the bulbs a fixed color or do they change?

A: Each LED is a set color. The string is multi-colored. (LED bulbs don’t change color.)

Q: What is the size of the globe?

A: About 1 inch.

Q: Can more than one string be connected in a continuous chain?

A: No, they can’t be connected. But you can just set them up the same and install the next solar panel.


Very unique bulbs and great for our deck. The look is really cool. The solar lights were easy to install and you don’t have to worry about plugging it in somewhere. The solar panel is waterproof. The solar panel is small enough to be out of the way.” – B. Peters

Solar Powered Christmas Lights: Globe Installation

I bought two packs the solar string lights for the path from garage to my back yard and front door grass. Both of the solar are 21feet and 30LED lights on it. it is very easy to use and set up. I put both solar panels under a good position where they can be totally exposed under the sun. The glow is soft and smooth. One last thing I want to mention this is a SOLAR lights, don’t need to worried about the electricity bill. Highly recommend this to all!” – Sean

So happy I purchased these lights! They are very heavy, durable looking bulbs that light up an extraordinarily beautiful deep purple. They have a control that lets you set the lights to twinkle several different ways. I have mine set to go through all 8 modes and repeat. I enjoy all of them. The lights are solar powered and I am so happy that i don’t have to plug them in anywhere. They charge during the day and light up at night… So perfect! This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases.” – T Acker

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Tube Meteor Shower Lights by Vmanoo

Solar Powered Christmas Lights: Tubes

Another interesting set of solar powered Christmas lights that is a bit unique. These ones can be used to look like icicles.

  • 10 tubes
  • 36 LED bulbs per tube
  • 5 colors
  • sequence like a meteor shower
  • waterproof
  • 23.6 ft / 7.2m


The way the light flows makes our gazebo entrance look so beautiful. The lights are just gorgeous.” – B Sea

The lamp is really beautiful, like a meteor shower. Very suitable for hanging in the courtyard, the house added a lot of atmosphere.” – Liyi

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That’s it for the solar-powered Christmas lights for now. All get excellent reviews so it’s just a matter of what you like.

Merry Christmas! (And happy decorating.)